Alchemize your life with Reiki

Do you consider yourself an intuitive, highly sensitive soul?

Learn to regulate your own energetic health and/or the energetic health of others by completing a Reiki Certification class.

Want to create a wellness or coaching business
but aren’t sure which modalities to study? 

Reiki goes hand-in-hand with SO many wellness sects – massage therapist and yoga teachers bring reiki into their sessions/classes. Nutritionists/dietitians and therapists use reiki to aid their clients in letting go of limiting beliefs and emotions. Even nurses use reiki in hospitals on their patients. The list goes on, trust me!

Reiki sessions are incredibly transformative on their own and after learning Reiki I and II, you’ll be set up for a successful and thriving practice.

1:1 certification classes

Reiki Attunement

Learn how to self-heal with the intuitive energy balancing modality of Reiki.

In this 4 hour course, you’ll go through the history and meaning of this Universal Life Force Energy that has been used globally for over 100 years.

A relaxing Attunement Ceremony will be facilitated to initiate the Reiki frequency and harmonize it with your energetic body.

4 Hours


Reiki II Certification

Learn how to provide healing for others with  Reiki.

In this 6 hour course, you’ll refresh the history and principles. Then, you’ll learn the 3 Reiki II symbols and a personalized Attunement Ceremony will be facilitated to initiate and harmonize them with your energetic body.

You will receive guidance on how to set up and sustain a thriving reiki practice and/or practical steps to incorporate reiki into your existing offerings.

6 Hours


Reiki III Master Level Certification * 4 Week Mentorship *

Want to deepen your reiki practice? Feeling called to teach others how to facilitate their own reiki sessions? 

Through this 4 week mentorship, you’ll be attuned to Reiki III Master Level and receive coaching on how to create a thriving reiki business.

2 Hours Per Week
(8 hours total)


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After learning the history, meaning, and principles of reiki, you’ll learn the respective symbol(s) associated with the level you are learning. A relaxing Reiki Attunement Ceremony will be facilitated to call forth and harmonize the symbols with your personal frequency.

You will be supported in your post-Attunement experience with tips and insight, and gain lifetime access to Elle’s Facebook community of reiki initiates.


Do I need to have any experience to get reiki attuned? 

Do I need to have any experience to get reiki attuned? 

For level I, no! You must be certified in Level I to take Level II and certified in Level II to take Level III.

love notes from clients


I had the honor of receiving a Reiki healing session from Elle. She is such a gem and her intuition is right on point! The energy I felt moving during the session was incredible and she knew exactly where to focus. Elle is so kind, caring, and gentle. I would highly recommend working with her. You will not be disappointed!

Elle is a gem, she knew exactly where to focus!


Working with Elle was transcendental; I haven’t relaxed like that in two years! Despite the distance, I could feel her working with my chakras to lighten and open them as if I were in the same room. Elle is a gifted intuitive and an incredible listener. I truly look forward to my next session with her.

I could feel her lighten and open my chakras

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Are you ready to learn to regulate your own energetic health and/or the energetic health of others?

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