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Warning: Post-event feels may include, but aren’t limited to: excitement, motivation, a deep sense of community, relief, a breath of fresh air, a deep connection to self, spirit, and others.

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You’re seeking like-minded people in your community and don’t know where to find them? 

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Everything Ellemental provides signature workshops virtually and in-person throughout SoCal - we’re willing to travel to your destination, too!

Energy Play

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A curated experience devoted to tapping into your creative energy/inner child through movement, EFT tapping, journaling, and reiki

This workshop is offered at Yogalution Movement in Long Beach every few months and is on rotation at various locations and times. 

ENERGY PLAY is a 2-3 hour experience that is usually priced out at $44-$77 a ticket depending on the space, refreshments provided, etc.

By Elle & Jasmine

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